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Albena Resort Complex is situated on the North Black Sea Coast, 35 km north of Varna and 12 km away from Balchik. It lies in immediate proximity to the cool forests of Baltata Reserve.

The complex offers approximately 15000 beds in over 40 hotels of various categories. The hotels are located in the park area and on the sea shore. The lovely scenery and the marvelous beach allow visitors to spend a completely relaxing holiday. Albena beach strip is 3.5 km long and up to 150 m wide. The average temperature in the summer is +28°C, and the average temperature of the sea water in the summer is 25°C. Black Sea is a Mediterranean sea. Its tides are low and there are no sharks or any dangerous or poisonous life forms in its coastal waters.

Apart from the sun baths, tourists can also enjoy a refreshing sports afternoon in one of the volleyball, football, and basketball halls, or at the tennis courts and tables. The resort has seven football stadiums, a hockey ground, four indoor pools, outdoor and indoor tennis courts, etc. It also provides good opportunities for equestrianism and water sports (water skiing, surfing, and triathlon).

There are three spa centres on the territory of Albena that provide a wide range of classical and exotic rehabilitation and beauty procedures. The spa centres also offer prophylactic treatment of many diseases. The resort has a modern hemodialysis centre as well.

Albena provides various services that allow for the pleasant stay of tourists. Excursions to places of interest are organised: routes to Aladzha Monastery, the Madara Horseman, Cape Kaliakra, and Yaylata Archaeological Reserve are available for the history lovers, while fans of nature can visit one of the nearby reserves. Entertainers take care of children and their spending pleasant summer vacations by organising different games and activities.

Congress tourism is also very well-developed in Albena. Various events are held there – festivals, conferences, congresses, sports events, etc., many of which are international. Some of these include The Festival of Horo (beginning of June), the Morning Star International Art Festival (first half of June), Albena Fashion Fiesta (June), the Cheerleading Contest (July), etc. They are of interest to the guests of the resort.

There are many places to visit in the vicinity of Albena – Zlatni pyasatsi (Golden Sands), another big resort, and the town of Varna are located to the south, while Kavarna, the “rock capital” of Bulgaria where a rock festival is held every year, is to the northeast. The interesting villages of Tyulenovo and Kamen bryag (Stone Shore) are also in this direction. Many interesting sites can be visited in the neighbouring town of Balchik as well, for example the botanic garden and the palace of Tsaritsa Maria. Tourists can find everything they need in Albena – shops, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, a post office, banks, ATMs, rent-a-cars, a medical centre, etc. Every 30 minutes busses start from the more distant hotels to the beach and back. An attractive small train is also available on the territory of the resort.

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Opening hours

According to schedule the hotels in the resort open somewhere between mid-March and the end of May and close in the second half of September.


Albena Resort Complex

Tel: +359 579 62065

e-mail: online@albena.bg
Website: www.albena.bg

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