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The Magic of Veliko Tarnovo

The Magic of Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo - a town with more than a 7,000-year old history - is a center of attraction for tourists. It fascinates with its history which is all around and can be seen and felt by everyone there. One million tourists from the country and abroad visited the cultural and historical sites in the old Bulgarian capital last  year. Veliko Tarnovo offers now-a-days more than 6,000 beds in various accommodation facilities. Two new hotels with 60 beds, five guest houses with 38 beds and further 12 facilities for accommodation have been opened lately. For the purpose of improvement of the tourism infrastructure and the creation of new attractions the local government has invested over BGN 7 million for the previous year.
The two famous hills - Tzarevetz and Trapezitza - serve as an emblem of the old capital. There are 17 churches on Trapezitza alone. Soon a small train will start from Trapezitza railway station on its way up to the top of the hill. At the foot of the two hills is nestled the picturesque Assenova district, place of the churches "St. Dimitar", "The Holy Forty Martyrs", "The Holy Apostles of Peter and Paul", "St. George" and "Assumption", as well as the Bishop's Bridge. As local tour operators advise, people should find a way to see them all at night, too, because the view then is really divine.
The small winding Gurko Street brings a romantic feeling with its Renaissance atmosphere. The inhabitants of Tarnovo believe that there is no better place to take a picture with the monument of Asenevtsi, which is on the other side of the Yantra River. The old market, Samovodskata charshiya, will enchant you with the sound of the craftsmen's workshops. There you can enjoy a local coffee maker with sand and wonderful pastries made according to traditional recipes or acquire a ceramic mug from the royal collection of the potters. You may also leave with a gold or a silver ring - a replica of the royal jewels. Be sure to visit also the Hadji Nikoli Inn where till October 2014 will be exhibited objects from two unique treasures. In the exposition "The Greatness of the Bulgarian Rulers" are exhibited copies (the only one in the world) of nine of the unique relics of the famous treasure of Khan Kubrat from the village of Malaya Pereshchepina located in the central part of present-day Ukraine. It was found in 1912 near the village. The treasure, which includes about 800 items, weighs 75 kg - more than 25 kg of which are gold and 50 kg - silver.
In the other two exhibition rooms of the Hadji Nikoli Inn are arranged replicas of all 23 gold vessels from the treasure of Nagy-Szent-Miklos related to Khan Krum. Nagy Saint Miklos is a Romanian village in the Banat region. The treasure there was found by Bulgarian gardeners who had settled there in the XVIII century. It consists of 23 gold vessels with a total weight of 10 kg dating back to the ninth century.
During your stay in Veliko Tarnovo you should not miss the impressive audio-visual show "Tsarevgrad Tarnovo – Light and Sound". In the multimedia visitor center "Tsarevgrad Tarnovo", located near Tsarevets, you can visit the Museum of Wax Figures. In it, in the form of sculptures and paintings, are represented historical figures and memorable events from the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Displayed is life in the medieval Bulgarian society – lords and clergy, boyars and warriors, craftsmen. The exhibition, which is located on two floors, features 29 sculptures.
The atmosphere - full of history, old houses, small streets and hospitable people alongside with delicious dishes of the traditional local cuisine - is the other part of the magic thanks to which Veliko Tarnovo has been and remains one of the favorite destinations in Bulgaria.

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