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Albena is back to the daily vacation routine of the resort

Albena is back to the daily vacation routine of the resort

Three days after the big downpour in Albena, when the nearby river Batovska in the Baltata Reserve overflowed and the tourists from 6 hotels had to be evacuated, the situation in the resort is normalized. The nearly 12 thousand tourists in Albena at present continue their vacation in a normal environment.

Курортът Албена се върна към ваканционното си ежедневие5
 "On Thursday evening there was a very heavy rain. According to official data, the rainfall was 190 liters per square meter. It is easy to understand that this has made the normal operation of the resort very difficult and 6 of our hotels that are directly on the beach, had to be isolated for about a day", explained Margarita Todorova, Director of "Sales and Marketing" of "Albena" AD.
On June 20, thanks to the help of the Bulgarian authorities and many volunteers, 974 guests were evacuated from the hotels Gergana, Nona and Elitsa and then moved to other hotels in the resort, which were not affected by the high water. In the evacuation were involved fire-brigade, internal-security-services and army units equipped with off-road machinery which helped the guests to be taken away from the affected hotels. Two Cougar helicopters took part in the operation, too.

Курортът Албена се върна към ваканционното си ежедневие3

There were no injured tourists. All guests were accommodated in other hotels of Albena AD. They accepted what had happened as something that could not be avoided. With the exception of Gergana, the other 5 hotels – Nona, Slavuna, Boryana, Elitsa and Mura – are already operating under normal conditions: the problems concerning the power supply and the provision of hot water have been solved. All kitchens are functional; the restaurants, bars and cafes are open.
During the night of the disaster both the staff and the guests helped each other to prevent any panic and to do as much work as possible. A great number of the tourists are regular visitors of the resort. Among them was the German family Kuhn. They said that the natural disaster they had experienced would not let them give up the idea of having their vacation next year here again.
The traces left from the storm along the beach in Albena are being removed. This beach is one of the widest and most beautiful on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. By the end of the week the restoration of the alleys will be completed, too. The traffic on the national roads in Varna and Dobrich districts is also fully restored.

Курортът Албена се върна към ваканционното си ежедневие4

"There is no danger for the summer season in Bulgaria", announced Branimir Botev, the Deputy Minister of Economy in charge of Tourism. "The heavy rains at the end of last week were not pleasant for anyone, but the tranquility and the possibilities for the tourists to have good time in the Bulgarian resorts are not threatened in any way. We expect good weather and a wonderful summer sun."
"After the heavy rain the situation in the other Black Sea resorts is back to normal, too. There are no cancelled reservations", said Mr. Botev, "and the Bulgarian hotel owners are doing their best the guests who have come to spend their summer vacation in Bulgaria to feel good and comfortable."