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Stambolovo is ready to welcome the tourists with a new Tourist Information Center

Stambolovo is ready to welcome the tourists with a new Tourist Information Center

At the end of July in the village of Stambolovo a Tourist Information Centre (TIC) will open its doors as a crowning effect of the two-year project "Tourinnovation", funded under measure 313 of the Programme of Rural Development 2007-2013 and implemented by the Municipality of Stambolovo.
The construction of the building is finished and TIC- Stambolovo is already furnished with up-to-date equipment. There are several thematic exhibitions which will acquaint the visitors with the most interesting facts and event concerning the municipality: "Tourist Attractions and Landmarks" displays the most characteristic cultural and environmental sites, local festivals, customs and cultural traditions; "Along the Ecological Trails in the Eastern Rhodopes" shows the biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes; "The Magic of the Stone" offers the visitors to cast a glimpse at some of the most frequently occurring minerals and semi-precious stones, typical for the area; In "Cultural Traditions and Customs in the Villages in the Municipality of Stambolovo" are exhibits artefacts and costumes from the region.
The idea is to let the tourists enjoy a complete and complex experience making it possible for them to get in touch with all typical characteristics associated with the local nature, culture, heritage, traditions, gastronomy, agriculture, crafts and folklore.
In TIC one can get not only information about the required destination, the main routes, the most notable local sites and attractions, but can book beds for the night, too. The services are offered also online and in the other two centers of the municipality – in the interactive exhibition "Biodiversity in the Valley of the River Arda" in the village of Dolno Cherkovishte or in The Hut (Hizhata) in the village of Tankovo. All three centers, which are linked together in a common electronic system, are equipped with kiosks, where the visitors may look by themselves for the information they are interested in.

Стамболово посреща туристи с нов туристически информационен център 1

Tourists are offered access to an electronic guide. This is an electronic catalog with photos and information about each location, the conditions and the prices offered, contact details, local products that can be purchased, some of the more important tourist sites and other useful information from Internet. There are tourist routes for the fans of different kinds of adventure. The system includes also some video clips offering a glimpse at the most interesting cultural and ecological sites on the territory of the municipality. Parts of the text materials are available in Bulgarian and English. Some of the texts are translated in Turkish and Greek, too.
More information about the destinations may be found on the following sites:
www.tic.stambolovo.bg  and www.stambolovo.org       

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