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15 000 tourists have visited St. Anastasia Island since the opening on May 15th

15 000 tourists have visited St. Anastasia Island since the opening on May 15th

Most visitors come by boat from Bourgas. Growing is the number of tourists who come to the island by boat from Nessebar, Sozopol and Pomorie.
The interest in the new tourist attraction is exceptionally high. Bookings are made for weeks ahead. "We assume that this trend will continue in July and August ", said Kristina Vulcheva, acting manager of the municipal enterprise "Tourism" in Bourgas. Three ships - "Cook", "Diana" and "Afala" – travel  from the pier in the city to the island of St. Anastasia. Soon they will be joined by a fourth vessel. It will start its trips by the middle of August.

15 000 са посетили остров Света Анастасия от откриването му на 15 май1

St. Anastasia is the first cultivated island off the coast of Bulgaria, which can be visited. "The place itself is very attractive for visitors with its nature and its rock formations. There is a museum on island that tells its story in an innovative, interactive way. Sites and exhibits with archaeological and historical value, represented by modern digital technologies, can be seen there. On the island there is a guest house with 9 beds. Tourists are also offered an option to spend the night in a monastery cell. In the Monastery Lenarna are offered various bio-products with herbs that grow on the island itself, jam from green figs from the trees around, cocktails with attractive names like "Anastasia", "Free Bolshevik", "Bourgas Sunset." Tourists can relax and have a bite in the restaurant "One hundred years ago" ("Sto godini nazad") which offers mainly seafood ", explained Vulcheva.
There is a church on the island – The Holy Assumption. The temple celebration is on August 15th. On this day will be celebrated the festival of the island, too, for which the Bourgas Municipality has prepared a rich program.