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Over 16,000 cruise passengers have been transported by the travel agency Dunav Tours

Over 16,000 cruise passengers have been transported by the travel agency Dunav Tours

Since the beginning of the season of the river cruise voyages in March the company with a seat in the town of Rousse has not missed a trip.
Unlike the vacations on the seaside or in the mountains, the frequent rainfalls this year have not affected the river navigation. They have proved useful for the river level and there have been no low level waters, which usually cause problems.
Contrary to the expectations, the complicated situation in the Ukraine has failed to hinder any of the cruise voyages of Dunav Tours to this destination.
"We and our partners have had some concerns with regard to the trips of the Rousse Prestige motor boat to the Ukrainian port of Vilkovo. This cruise lasts sixteen days and tourists prefer it because they find quite exotic this place famous as the Ukrainian Venice. We had concerns mainly about the security of the passengers. A team of our company visited this town twice to make sure that everything there was normal", said Katya Stoyanova, CEO of Dunav Tours AD.
It is German tourists that usually prefer the trips on the Danube, but this year there have been quite a few Bulgarians taking advantage of the company's proposals, as well. A program with promotional prices has been developed specially for them.

Над 16 000 круизни пасажери е превозила „Дунав турс” 2

Entirely updated for this season is the recreation program aboard the river cruises of Dunav Tours. Besides traditional Bulgarian weddings, tourists can learn folk dances and take lessons in Bulgarian. "The great competition from vessels on the inland waterways of Europe makes us increase the requirements with regard to the ships' crews. Tourists are becoming more demanding, and we strive not to disappoint them", added Katya Stoyanova.
The company has six ships for cruise voyages. Elegant Lady and Heinrich Heine circle the Danube and its tributaries in Germany while the latest acquirement of the company Ariana, made in 2012 in the Netherlands, offers cruises to the Danube Delta. The destination of the motor boats Rousse Prestige, Sofia and Rousse are the Ukrainian towns of Vilkovo and Ismail. Partners of Dunav Tours are one of the largest German tour operators - Phoenix Reisen and Nicko Tours.