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The Project “Promotional Campaign to Popularize Bulgaria’s EDEN Destinations”

The Project “Promotional Campaign to Popularize Bulgaria’s EDEN Destinations”

The Ministry of Economics, Energy, and Tourism has been awarded a grant to undertake the project “Promotional Campaign to Popularize Bulgaria’s EDEN Destinations”.

Financial support for the project comes from the European Commission. The project has as its goal the dissemination of information about Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations, expanding general knowledge about Bulgaria’s participation in the EDEN initiative, and clarifying the principles for the initiative’s continued growth. Successful completion of the project will demonstrate Bulgaria’s advantages as a destination for alternative tourism and will promote awareness of new tourism products in the areas of eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and spa tourism. More generally, the project seeks to address and overcome longstanding problems related to Bulgaria’s tourism sector, such as the heavy geographical and seasonal concentration of tourists and a one-dimensional approach to offering tourist products.

Where are Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations?
Theme “Water – source of life and prosperity” “952: Nature welcomes you!” (nature reserves) “The spirit of Thrace” (cultural heritage)
Destination 1. The Silistra municipality, “Seven expressions of water: spirit, health, faith, history, beauty, tradition”

2.  The Lukovit municipality (Lovech region), “A magical tableau – water… cliffs”

3.  The Sandanski municipality association of hoteliers, restaurateurs, and tour operators, “The earth – God’s blessing”

4.  The Kiustendil municipality, “The life-giving waters of Pautalia – Velbadzh – Kiustendil”

5.  The Belogradchik municipality, “The legendary monster of Rabishko Lake”
1.  The Georgi Todorov community center in the city of Belitsa, “Natural phenomena in Rila National Park”

2.  Sapareva Banya, in partnership with the directors of Rila National Park, “Rila’s waterfalls – source of health and beauty”

3.  The Kavarna municipality, “The Yailata Archeological Reserve – guardian of natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage”

4.  The Vratsa municipality, “Gateway to Preserving nature – Vratsa and the Leva Valley”

5.  The Strandzha Nature Reserve and the Bulgarian Association for Biodiversity, “Backpacking Strandzha – a wilderness adventure”
1.  The Belogradchik municipality, “Traditional folk observances from Timok to Iskar – following in the footsteps of the Thracians”

2.  The Silistra regional museum of history, “The immortal spirit of the Thracian god Zalmoksis”

3.  The Kazanlak Association for Tourism Development, “Festival of the Thracian spirit in the Valley of the Thracian Kings”

4.  The Kardzheli municipality and partners, “The village of Dazhdovnitsa – a cultic crossroads”

5.  The Papukchievi Company, Kazanlak municipality, “The sound and light show “Heart of a Ruler”
Projected major activities related to the project are:

Activity 1:
The creation of a B2B information and communication platform to expedite the exchange of practical advice and collaboration among Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations;

Activity 2: The integration of Bulgaria’s premier tourist destinations (EDEN) – Bulgaria in the framework of a national campaign for promoting tourism, to include the following:

Related activity: Undertaking the planning, organizing, and participating of Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations in international tourist fairs and exhibitions – three such activities in 2012: The ITB Berlin tourism exchange, the tourism exchange in Bucharest, Rumania, and the vacation expo in Sofia;

Related activity: Integrating Bulgaria’s premier EDEN destinations as part of the national web portal www.bulgariatravel.org;

Activity 3: Preparing advertising and informational materials to promote Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations;

Activity 4: Organizing meetings to publicize the initiative and provide information;

Activity 5: Holding an on-line competition to select the best photos and photography exhibits to popularize EDEN destinations;

Activity 6: Organizing and supervising Balkan forums on EDEN destinations (with the participation of Rumania, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia).

The overall effect of the project’s realization will be to increase general awareness of Bulgaria’s EDEN destinations while enhancing their status as alternative, non-traditional (ecologically sensitive) forms of tourism.

Duration of the project: 09.11.2011 - 09.09.2012. (ten months)

Overall cost of the project: 64,284.59 Euro

This material is submitted in support of the project “Promotional Campaign to Popularize Bulgaria’s EDEN Destinations,” co-financed by the European Union. Responsibility for the contents rests entirely with those submitting the materials. The European Union bears no responsibility for either the information or its use.

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