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Online Photo Contest Excellent Tourism Destinations EDEN - Bulgaria 2012

Online Photo Contest Excellent Tourism Destinations EDEN - Bulgaria 2012

Online Photo Contest
Excellent Tourism Destinations EDEN - Bulgaria

          Participation form
The contest is open to both Bulgarian and foreign citizens.
Persons under the age of 18 years may participate in the contest with the consent of their parents or legal guardians, which should be stated in the entry form.

Through their photographs, participants are required to present a different perspective of tourist attractions (natural, cultural, historical, customs, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.) on the territory of Bulgarian EDEN destinations – winners and runners-up in the three themed national competitions for excellent tourism destinations, namely:
Water – A Source of Life and Well-Being
(aquatic tourism
952: Nature
Welcomes You!
(protected areas)
Thracian Spirit
(cultural heritage)
1. Silistra Region: "Seven States of Water: Spirit, Health, Faith, History, Beauty, Tradition and Customs"
2. Lukovit Municipality, Lovech Region: "Panaka-magic: water...rock"
3. The Association of Hoteliers, Restaurateurs and Tour Operators in Sandanski: "A Land Kissed by God"
4. Kyustendil Municipality: "The Life-giving Water of Pautalia - Velbazhd - Kyustendil"
5. Belogradchik Municipality: "The Legendary Monster of Lake Rabisha"
1. Georgi Todorov National Community Center, Belitsa - "The Natural Phenomenon in Rila National Park"
2. Sapareva Banya in partnership with the Rila National Park Directorate - "The Waterfalls of Rila - A Source of Health and Beauty"
3. Kavarna Municipality - "Yailata: Unspoiled Nature and Rich Heritage"
4. Vratsa Municipality - "Gateway to Unspoiled Nature - Vratsata and the Leva River Valley"
5. Strandzha Nature Park and the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation - "Backpacking through Strandzha - An Adventure in the Wild"
1. Belogradchik Municipality: Folklore Festivals "From Timok to Iskar - In the Footsteps of the Thracians"
2. Silistra Regional History Museum: "The Undying Spirit of the Thracian God Zalmoxis"
3. Association for Sustainable Tourism, Kazanlak: "Kazanlak - Festival of the Thracian Spirit in the Thracian Valley of the Kings"
4. Kardzhali Municipality and partners: "Duzhdovnitsa - A Crossroads of Cults"
5. Papukchievi ET, Kazanlak: Light and Music Show "The Heart of the Ruler"
The unique individual viewpoints of the contest participants should reveal places that remain unnoticed in our everyday lives. This would help promote the less known (emerging) destinations and support non-traditional forms of tourism that would impress any tourist.
Any participant can enter up to 3 photographs which should correspond to the theme of the contest and have the necessary photographic quality.
The submitted photos should have been shot within the past three years, if possible in different seasons; they should be digital, in JPEG format, with a minimum size of 1.5 MB (2048/3088 ppi, 300 dpi). Each author should be able to provide, if required, the original file of the captured image (raw image in original size).
Photographs should be original and not created in collaboration. Contestants should guarantee that they hold the copyright, the publication rights of the photographic entries, and that they release the organisers of the contest from the claims of third parties in connection with the use of the work for promotional purposes of the contest.
The contest entries should have not been published on the Internet, in magazines or other media. Their ownership should have not been transferred or shared with third parties without the consent of the organisers.
Only the following photo processing is allowed: brightness and contrast corrections, sharpening, cropping.
No collages and no rough digitally retouched photographs are allowed, no captions, text and graphics should be added in the picture. The contest's purpose is to show images that are as close as possible to the natural environment in which the photos were taken and it's not for contestants to demonstrate  their skills with photo editing software.
Entries should be, sent by completing an online form or sending photos by email, accompanied by a completed form with the author's data. Photographs must be accompanied by a short caption which should describe the place and nature of the object/event, photo title, name of the author.
The organisers reserve the right not to accept photos that do not have the necessary technical and thematic qualities, do not match the themes of the contest or are in conflict with the generally accepted moral norms. Photos accompanied by incorrect or incomplete information or entries which are missing documents will not be allowed to participate.
Acceptance of the contest rules
By submitting photographs and the accompanying entry forms, participants declare that they are familiar with the contest rules and they accept them.
The evaluation criteria are: relevance to the contest themes, aesthetic performance, originality, visual impact.
Evaluation and nomination of the winners will be carried out by a five-member jury consisting of:
  1. Ivo Marinov - Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism and project manager;
  2. Susan Dzhevadilova - project coordinator;
  3. A representative of the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria - TBA;
  4. A representative of BAAT (Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism) - TBA;
  5. Professional photographer - a representative of any professional/trade association of photographers - TBA.
Prizes - 3 (three) material prizes (photographic equipment), total value of 1 800 leva, for the winners in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Announcing and awarding the prizes will take place at a ceremony at the end of July 2012. Any additional information will be published promptly on the official website of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism – www.mi.government.bg and the official tourism portal of Bulgaria – www.bulgariatravel.org
With the publication of materials or the sending of an email to participate in this contest, it is assumed that the participant gives his or her consent that the photographs be used at the discretion of the organisers, both in the press and in advertisements promoting the contest and the photographed destinations/sites/attractions; the photos may be entered in indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and in online presentations.
Users and participants agree that the organiser can publish their names as authors of the photos in public announcements related to the contest.
Storage of the Personal Data
Personal data will be used solely for the purposes of the contest in accordance with the Law for gathering and storage of personal data and will not be provided to third parties. Personal data will be used to identify the contestants and their respective nominations.
The contest starts on the date of the official publication of these rules and the entry form on the institutional website of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, and entries will be accepted until 5pm on July 2, 2012.  

Photos for participation can be sent at any time between the beginning and end of the contest. 
All questions and cases that are not provided for in these rules shall be subject to a specific decision by the jury.

Participation form

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