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Events Calendar: January 2014

Events Calendar: January 2014

Vassilyovden (St. Vassil’s Day or St. Basil’s Day), “Surva” - 01.01.2014
On this day people in masks, called "sourvakari" (also "camilari", "babougeri", "startzi" and "djamali") visit peoples' homes and give blessings for health and fertility.

Bansko, 01.01.2014
A New Year mummers’ carnival and a folklore program
Razlog, 01.01.2014
Mummers’ Festival “Starchevata”: for the 108th time Razlog will welcome the first day of the New Year with mummers’ games and "sourvakars" (children going from house to house wishing people a Happy New Year). To celebrate this holiday mummer groups from the town walk and dance through the streets.

Petrich, 01.01.2014
Traditional Kukeri carnival "Stanchinari"
Kalofer, 06.01.2014
Yordanov den (St. Jordan' day): Men’s icy horo dance in the town of Kalofer
After throwing and catching a cross in the river men in national costumes dive in its waters under the accompanying music of bagpipe. In the icy waters of the river Tundja reels a horo dance with all men joining it.
Simitli - 12.01 2014
International Festival of Babugeri Masks and Games
Mummers from all over the country and abroad gather in Simitli for a masquerade and make the town ring with their chime bells.
Razlog, 19.01.2014
International Mummer’s Carnival "Starchevata"
The town is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities and has been repeatedly honored with awards for well-kept mummer traditions.
Borovets, 18.01.2014
Borosport Snow Park Grand Opening

Borovets, 19.01.2014
World Snow Day
Pernik, 24-26.01.2014  
"Surva" is the biggest and most significant event of traditional folk dances, games and rituals with masks on the Balkans. In the International Festival of Masquerade Games "Surva" annually take part about 5000 people from more than 90 masquerade groups from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria and guests from Europe, Asia and Africa.
Pamporovo, 31.01.-03.02.2014
Competitions in alpine skiing from the calendar of the International Ski Federation (FIS) in Pamporovo: slalom and giant slalom - men and women

Zlatograd Ethnographic Areal Complex
The village of Lozenets
National History Museum – Sofia City
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