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Bourgas and Nesebar expected 43 cruise ships in 2014

Bourgas and Nesebar expected 43 cruise ships in 2014

 Almost 20,000 passengers passed through the Southern Bulgarian Black Sea coastline during the cruise season. Together with Nessebar nearby, which also has a good port, in 2014 Bourgas is preparing to welcome 43 liners. 
Now that larger vessels are able to land here, the city of Bourgas on the Southern portion of the Black Sea coastline has become far more popular as a port.  The passenger lists of the liners visiting Port Bourgas last year featured people from all over the world, including from remote destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The season closed in the autumn when the American Pacific Princess sailed from Nessebar.  Cruise ships will continue to visit Port Bourgas next spring. Many more companies have been showing an interest in including the Bourgas Bay aquatoria in their schedules. September and October are expected to be the busiest months. One of the leading cruise companies has declared an interest in using the port as a starting point for a given cruise line in 2015, rather than having the passengers disembark and tour Bourgas and its environs. The American Express publishers has released a guide of potential Black sea cruise destinations, commissioned by the giant Royal Caribbean Cruises, where Bourgas features as a possible stopover.

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