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„The Emperors Route” and pilgrimage tours will attract tourists to Bulgaria

„The Emperors Route” and pilgrimage tours will attract tourists to Bulgaria

“A Discovery to Share” is the slogan of the communication campaign launched by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy on the Romanian market aimed at getting acquainted the citizens of our northern neighbor with the novelties to be offered for the upcoming tourist season. At the international Tourism Exchange - The Tourism Fair of Romania from 13 to 16 March Bulgaria participates with a national stand on an area of ​​200 square meters and presents its sea resorts and cultural tourism through which a greater variety of experiences will be offered during the vacation.
The country ranks third in Europe by number of cultural monuments from different eras. Their number exceeds 43 0000, 11 of which are under the auspices of UNESCO. In the exhibition center "Romexpo" in Bucharest Professor Nikolay Ovcharov made a presentation "The Cultural Heritage and Pilgrimage Tourism in Bulgaria". Lately Prof. Ovcharov has been engaged in projects concerned with the establishment of common cultural routes in the Balkans. Bulgaria and Romania have been increasingly enhancing their cooperation in this direction both within the Danube Strategy and through the already established joint tourist product called "The Roman Emperors Route".
Bulgaria has started also to work actively in offering religious tours and pilgrimage routes, announced last week Branimir Botev - Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEE) in charge of Tourism during a meeting with Romanian journalists who were on tour in our country aimed to promote Bulgarian tourism project of MEE with the financial support of OP "Regional Development" 2007-2013.
The first pilgrimage route on the territory of our country follows the path of the procession in 1469 which carried over the relics of St. Ivan Rilski from Veliko Tarnovo to the Rila Monastery. The idea for a ​​"Bulgarian Camino" is of the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Daniel Panov. The route called "The Holy Road" starts from Veliko Tarnovo and passes through the territories of the municipalities Polski Trumbesh, Svishtov, Belene, Nikopol, Gulyantsi, Pleven, Lukovit, Roman, Mezdra, Svoge, Vratsa, Novi Iskar, Sofia, Pernik, Doupnitsa, Rila and Blagoevgrad. The distance from the old capital to the destination is 428 km. The idea is to reconstruct the route of the first religious procession for carrying over the relics of the Saint from Veliko Tarnovo to the Rila Monastery. According to church chronicles, this happened in 1469, when monks from the Rila Monastery had asked the Sultan to allow such a procession to take place.

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