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The Interactive Museum of Industry – Gabrovo is open for visitors

The Interactive Museum of Industry – Gabrovo is open for visitors

The Interactive Museum of Industry reflects the latest trends in museums combined with modern technologies for presentation of the exhibits. The development of industry in the town of Gabrovo is a major theme. Visitors will be able to have a look at the types of industry that have made Gabrovo famous in the past – the leather industry, weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, carpentry, braiding, etc. Thematically, the museum is divided into three parts - "Industrialization" (from the end of the 19th century to 1944), "Socialism" (from 1944 to 1989) and "The Present" (from 1989 until the present days). Each period is reproduced in its entirety and is thematically and spatially isolated on a separate floor of the building.
"Everything that can be seen, will really impress the visitors, because it is unique in nature", assures the Mayor Tanya Hristova. "The Building on 3, Nikolaevska Street offers an attractive story about the development of Gabrovo and turning it into an industrial center. I hope that in the long run the museum will attract a growing number of tourists to our city. I believe that tourism is a leading global industry that will guarantee revenues, jobs and sustainable development of the region", says Mrs. Hristova.
With funding of nearly EURO 3 million from the European Structural Funds, in the town of Gabrovo and the region have already been renovated 10 sites of the tourist infrastructure, including the new Interactive Museum of Industry, which is located in the refurbished building of the Regional History Museum. Restored is the "Balkandjiiska" dairy in the architectural and ethnographic complex "Ether" near Gabrovo. In the architectural and historical reserve in the village of Bojentsi has been carried out restoration and adaptation of the administrative building, the old and the new school, the houses "Dancho Popa" and "Mityo Stanev".