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Austrian pensioners have opened the season in Sunny Beach

Austrian pensioners have opened the season in Sunny Beach

The first 360 organized tourists arrived in Sunny Beach and thus marked the beginning of the tourist season in the resort. The tourists travel under a program of the Union of Austrian pensioners. It has chosen this Bulgarian resort to be the place for its “Spring Meetings”.
The elderly people were welcomed at the hotel "Evrika" as per an old Bulgarian tradition – with bread, salt, and a cup of brandy. They were surprised and fascinated by the folklore program prepared specially for their reception. The more nimble among them even joined in the reel dance horo and immediately showed a willingness to learn the somewhat awkward for them steps of the Bulgarian dances.
The vacation of the elderly people is organized by the Union of Austrian pensioners through the tour operator company "SeniorenReisen" and its Bulgarian partner "Destination Tourist Services".
The Union of Austrian pensioners is sending its members to Sunny Beach for the second consecutive year. Under the program for 2014 for one month - in late April and early May, the resort will be visited by 6,500 tourists. The groups will change every week. The period before the active tourist season is not a random choice - the organizers of the "Spring Meetings" think that it is best suited for their members to get acquainted with the country and its population.
The organization and services to be offered to the guests are provided by 70 employees of "SeniorenReisen" and its partner agency "DTS". The services for the participants in this journey start already at home. They travelers are accompanied by an assistant of the tour operator from the very beginning to the end of the trip. All their special requirements and claims are taken into consideration, including the need for dietary food. To meet the needs and the increased requirements of the guests, four-star hotels have been chosen for their accommodation. Quality health care services have been ensured. The team of medical doctors and nurses will be available around the clock. 35 specially trained guides - Bulgarians - will show the country to the elderly Austrian tourists. The package includes a trip to the town of Kotel and the surroundings of the village of Zheravna, a one-day tour "Sozopol-Ropotamo", a visit to the city of Bourgas, a trip to the salt works of Pomorie and tasting in the wine cellar "Black Sea Gold" - Pomorie. Each week the Austrian guests will attend the Bourgas Opera, where there will be a special gala concert in their honor.
The vacation trips of the members of the Union of Austrian pensioners to Bulgaria are for their own account. € 750.00 is the price, including an airplane ticket, accommodation in a four-star hotel all inclusive - with food and drinks, plus additional activities and excursions.
The "Spring Meetings" of the Austrian pensioners are organizes on a rotation basis. The tourist who will visit Sunny Beach this year traveled to Italy the year before. And those that have spent their summer vacation in Bulgaria in 2013 are heading to the Italian resorts now.
"The Austrians are fascinated by the Bulgarian hospitality, folklore, hotels and services and most of all by the very delicious Bulgarian food. It is no chance that last year they declared Sunny Beach as the most successful tourist destination", said the director of "SeniorenReisen" Otto Schell when sharing his impressions.
With the first group of Austrian tourists came Reinhard Todd, President of the Federal Council of Austria. He said that Bulgaria is a very beautiful country with a rich culture and expressed the hope that a growing number of Austrians will have the opportunity to get to know it better.
For Sunny Beach it is a prestige and responsibility to meet the Austrian pensioners. Their stay there is an opportunity the tourist season to be prolonged and enables them to make the first steps towards changing the image of the resort established in recent years as a place mainly for youth tourism.