Dobrudzha house with ethnographic exposition Alfatar

Dobrudzha House – Alfatar was built in 1893 and has been a tourist site since 1984. The ethnographic exhibition shows the traditional arrangement of Dobrudzha housing in the period from the end of the XIX to the middle of the XX century. The house in which the exposition is arranged was built after the Liberation (around 1893) typical for the time architecture. The Dobrudzha House is a center for demonstration of authentic Dobrudzha folklore and customs. It is a one-storey building with a low ground floor and a first floor, with a covered space in front of the bar and a corner facing forward. There are four rooms in the house: a house with a pacifier, a fireplace, a room for welcoming guests and sleeping, a room and a miner. Behind the room, with an entrance from the yard, is the lady for the cattle, next to it is the pishnik (oven) – summer kitchen.
The rooms are decorated with traditional fabrics, woolen rugs, authentic towels and embroidered pillows.
In the room with a fireplace is arranged all the household items of the then housewife: bowls, sahans, pans, bowls, night, bread bread, pots, pans, water bottles.
In the room “Upper”, along the walls directly on the floor are arranged jars, vinegar, pots of butter and watermelon honey, cheese pots. Wooden hooks are nailed to the walls, on which men’s and women’s clothes, bags and yarns are hung.
The life of the family is taken out in the summer house during the summer days. Bread is baked here. The family eats the prepared bread.
The room shows an interior from the 1930s and 1940s. This is a time when elements of urban interior enter the rural home: beds and tables with turned details, chests of drawers, turntables, dressing tables with beautiful mirrors, chairs with high and curved backs, small but exquisite decorative items, original fabrics and knitwear.
There is an exposition of viticulture in the lady, with typical tools and implements for tilling the land, containers for harvesting grapes and storing wine.

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