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Borovo is a town in Northern Bulgaria, located in the county of Ruse, in close proximity to the town of Byala. The town is an administrative center of the municipality of Borovo. Unique articles of silver Thracian treasure (also known as the Borovsko treasure) and a Thracian tomb dating back to the 4th century BC have been found in the locality of the town of Borovo. Proofs of presence of an old Roman road have been found between the villages of Batin and Gorno Ablanovo.
The first evidence of the existence of the village date back to the 1657, when it was mentioned by the name of Chiflik Monastery. In the following years, it was called Gorna Manastiritsa, Gorno Manastirtsi and other similar variants.
During the Liberation War between Russia and Turkey in the village of Brestovitsa, which is now within the borders of the municipality of Borovo, was laid the headquarters of the Russian army. In the town of Borovo there are collected exponents in a museum collection: more than 14,000 articles of the traditional lifestyle and culture with Thracian, Roman, Greek, Slavonic and ancient Bulgarian origin – coins, ceramics, traditional clothes, labor tools, etc. This makes it an interesting place for visiting by guests from the country, as well as by foreigners.

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