Haramiyska Cave – Village of Trigrad

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The Haramiyska Cave is located in the Trigrad Gorge in the Rhodope Mountains, close to the famous Devil’s Throat Cave. It is a destination for those interested in extreme tourism, since there are precipitous drops-offs.
There is a small trail leading to the cave that starts at the parking area for Devil’s Throat Cave, which is a ten-minute ascent through a stand of pine trees.
The cave has two entrances – or more accurately, an entrance and an exit – since the initial drop-off leads to two connected caves. The entrance can only be reached after a difficult descent down a sheer 20-meter face. Then follows a steep section to the cave mouth; metal cables have been affixed to aid visitors. Remains of the cave’s first inhabitants have been discovered, and models of their artifacts that are scattered in the natural light at the entrance are among the cave’s attractions. The interior has not been fitted with lights, so visitors must bring their own light source and climbing gear. There are a few small chambers in the cave. The entry into one of them is extremely narrow, only a crawl-space. After that, visitors begin the most interesting and exciting part of the visit – a 43-meter drop-off to a huge gallery, the bottom of which is closed off by boulders. This gallery is lit by light that enters from the cave’s other opening, the exit point. To successfully pass this part of the journey, visitors must have complete faith in their guides and their equipment.
From the exit point, another trail with a panoramic view of the Rhodopes leads back to the parking area in front of Devil’s Throat Cave. The Haramiyska Cave welcomes all those who seek extreme adventure. To make the trip, a complement of alpine and spelunking gear is essential, along with a small measure of courage and strength and a large measure of enthusiasm. In The Haramiyska Cave, visitors must be prepared to overcome some frightening natural obstacles – the pervading darkness, tight spaces, and descents from great heights. But with the help of experienced guides and in the company of good friends, visitors are assured of some unforgettable moments.

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