Reseleshki Kukli (Reselets Dolls)

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The village of Reselets is situated at a distance of 6 km from the town of Cherven Bryag. The entire locality is filled with unique natural formations, multiple caves, and it offers interesting tourist routes. This is one of the few places in Bulgaria where scorpions can be seen.
The natural landmark “Reseleshki Kukli” consists of unique and impressive rock figures – stacks, dolls, obelisks. If you use your imagination, you can distinguish a gate, propped on three columns, an old man dressed in breeches, an elephant and other interesting shapes.
Another natural landmark is located in close proximity to the Reseleshki Kukli – it is the so-called “Kaleto”. The Barazha Pond is also situated nearby. It was formed by blocking the river and is suitable for fishing and summer picnics.

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