Roman Stadium – city of Plovdiv

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The antique stadium in Plovdiv is situated on Dzhumaya Square, which separates the pedestrian part of the center into two parts – Knyaz Alexander I Str. and Rayko Daskalov Str. The stadium is situated under the street level, as its entrance is situated below the main street Knyaz Alexander I.
It was built according to the model of the Delphi Stadium – only 12 of this kind are preserved in the world. It is approximately 200 meters long; only its northern part and a part of the fortified wall from the 2nd – 4th century have been exposed. Sports contests were conducted here in the past, as well as gladiator fights and animal fights – the renowned Pitian, Alexandrian and Kendresian games. Remains were found of a hydraulic clock at its central entrance. A memorial plate tells about the passing of the Olympic Fire on its way from Athens to Moscow in 1980. The place was receiving about 30,000 viewers in antiquity.
The region around the Roman Stadium is exceptionally attractive for the guests of Plovdiv. On the small square, local artists and people of art present their works – sculptures, paintings, jewelry, souvenirs, etc.

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