The Thracian Religious Cult Site near the village of Angel Voivoda, Haskovo region

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The ancient shrine in the vicinity of the Angel Voivoda village occupies a special place among the many megalithic monuments around Haskovo. The complex is located on a rocky peak, known as the Hisar peak. At the foot of the peak lies a huge boulder, on which a full circle divided into four parts is carved, with a hole for attaching wooden or metal rods. The facility probably served as a sun-dial, or it might have been used as a tool for astronomical observations.

On the summit of the peak, the visitor can see the traces of a fortress wall. There are more than 50 religious cult niches carved in the rocks. In the highest part of the peak on one of the pinnacles, a stone tomb of trapezoidal shape is carved, which is accessible through five steps again carved in the rock. To the west of the tomb a second such pinnacle is found. The altar was most probably located there. Under the top of the peak a large sacrifice site of trapezoidal shape is carved. Some 50 meters to the northeast of the tomb a shallow oval basin is located. Under the top of the peak there is also a natural terrace, which was most probably used as a sanctuary.

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