Waterfalls in Bulgaria

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The mountains of Bulgaria cover a large part of the country’s territory. Lush meadows with all shades of green lie below the high, inaccessible cliffs and alternate with dense old forests. The generous nature has gifted the country with unique natural entities – rock formations, wrapped in legends, caves with beautiful cave formations, millennial trees, and breathtaking high waterfalls.
One of the most beautiful natural formations is the Raiskoto Praskalo waterfall, located in Dzhendema reserve in the national park Central Balkan. It is not only the highest one in Bulgaria but also on the whole Balkan Peninsula – with a total height of 124.5 meters, it collects waters from the eternal snow-drift, located almost at Botev peak (2,376 meters high) and descends from the Heavenly rocks, located northwest of Ray (Heaven) hut. The waterfall launches a small inflow of the Byala river, which winds its forms through alpine pastures, inaccessible precipices, cliffs, and rock ridges.
The waterfall is also known as the Kalofersko Praskalo. It is one of the most famous natural landmarks in Bulgaria and attracts many hikers and admirers of the beautiful sights. The place is mainly visited during the summer season when the waters of the waterfall are highest.

The Vidimsko Praskalo waterfall is located in the eastern part of North Dzhendem reserve in the national park Central Balkan, near the town of Apriltsi. The waterfalls from 80 meters and makes the waterfall the second highest waterfall in Bulgaria. Three streams gather their waters together and flow into the waterfall, the water flows through an alpine meadow and skirts in an 80-meter water arc in the abyss.
There is a good view of the waterfall from the specially built viewing point on the route of a marked eco-path along the valley of Praskalska river, which starts from WEC Vidima in the town of Apriltsi.
Another beautiful waterfall within the territory of the national park Central Balkan is the Babsko Praskalo. It is not as large as the other waterfalls in the park, but it is very beautiful. Its waters fall from 54 meters of height. The waterfall is located near Rusalka hut, a marked route between Tazha village and Tazha hut leads to it.
The Krushunski waterfalls are one of the most attractive landmarks of the country. They are located 35 kilometers northeast of Lovech, in the Maarata area. There is an eco-path, built for the convenience of tourists. The path includes more than 15 bridges, located in the picturesque area. The eco path is surrounded on both sides by beautiful plants and freestone rocks. The bridges lead to various paths, giving the tourist access to the entire area.
The Vodopada cave is located at the highest point at the end of the eco path, where the water, falling from 15 meters and forming numerous rapids and pools, springs from. The cave is not well laid out and the entry without special equipment and training is prohibited.
The Boyanski waterfall is situated at the Boyanska river in the Vitosha mountain, about 5 kilometers of the Sofia quarter Boyana. Its waters fall from a cliff, 15 meters high. This makes it the largest waterfall on the territory of Vitosha. Its waters are highest during the snow melting in the spring season. The waterfall can be reached by two routes – from Kopitoto or the Boyana quarter. In winter, when its waters freeze, the Boyanski waterfall is an attractive point for the adventurers, who practice ice climbing. However, special skills are required, as well as a guide and special equipment.
The Kostenets waterfall is situated in Rila mountain, at Stara (Kostenska) river, near the village of Kostenets. It is also known as Chavcha. The water falls from 12 meters of height and form a unique view. It can be easily reached by travelling from the village of Kostenets to the suburbs. Shortly after the suburbs, an information board sign can be seen, leading to the waterfall. There is a picnic spot constructed nearby, mineral springs and restaurants.
The Skakavishki waterfall is the highest one in mountain Rila. It is located in the northwest Rila, at the Skakavitsa river and falls within the territory of the National Park Rila. It is located 1,750 meters above the sea level and its waters fall from about 70 meters – majestically, magnificently. The Skakavishki waterfall can be easily reached and is very beautiful.
There is a well-trodden path leading to it, starting from Skakavitsa hut in Rila. The shift from the hut to the waterfall lasts for about 30-40 minutes.

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