Kapana Fest Sofia 2021

Especially for the fans of Kapana Fest in Sofia, we will transfer the main focus of the Plovdiv festival for a whole month in the capital!
B: EAT has selected amazing masters in the preparation of burgers, sandwiches, salads, grills, twisted sauces, smoked and roasted meat temptations and in general incredibly delicious things!
Kapana Fest selects unique beauties made by Bulgarian masters, modern craftsmen, authors of jewelry and clothing, beekeepers, confectioners and people of all arts, Bulgarian producers of food, beverages and cosmetics!
We invite citizens of Sofia and all guests of the city to feel the spirit of Bazar Kapana without leaving Sofia! You will recognize us by the beautiful Christmas decorations, the cozy wooden houses, the aroma and the spirit of the warmest Christmas holiday!

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