On October 16, 2021, the Bulgarian Meat Tradition Foundation, in partnership with Eurotok, the European Law Society, the Civil Institute, the Hrankoop Movement and the Ecocentric Foundation, launched the second NATIONAL WEEK OF ACCESS TO GOOD FOOD.

THE NATIONAL WEEK OF ACCESS TO GOOD FOOD ’2021 is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The campaign is part of the Independent Dialogues of the United Nations Food Security Forum ’2021. The UN Food Systems Dialogues are an open global space to share and collectively explore opportunities to build sustainable food systems to address global hunger, climate change and biodiversity loss.

October 16 has been declared World Food Day by a decision of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This is the day of the founding of the Organization in 1945 and today it is celebrated in over 150 countries for expanding access to food and creating conditions for sustainable agriculture. Bulgaria joined in 2006.

The symbol of the WEEK OF ACCESS TO GOOD FOOD is the GREEN CARDBOARD. To personally celebrate OCTOBER 16, we invite you to unite around the idea of ​​GREEN CARDBOARD and share with people around you what you do for access to good food


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