Prehistoric salt mining and city center Provadia-Solnitsata

Near Provadia is one of the symbols of the first European civilization – the earliest in Europe prehistoric salt mining and city center Provadia-Solnitsata (5600-4350 BC). It provides abundant information about what was discovered here 7500 years ago and the technology practiced to date for obtaining salt by boiling brine (salt spring water), for the fortification and the economy of the region along the lower reaches of the Provadia River and the Varna Lakes. The need to defend and preserve the greatest wealth of that age- the salt, led to a leap in military thought. Around 4700 BC. The “mint” of Europe is protected by a stone fortress, whose inaccessible for its time defensive walls were 4-5 m high. The three stages of the prehistoric stone fortress Provadia-Solnitsata (4700-4350 BC) represent precedents in the fortress construction, which until recently were considered discoveries of a much later time.

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