The ancient and late antique city of Ratsiariya (now the village of Archar) appeared at the beginning of the first century AD, as a military center on the northern border of the province of Moesia. Ratsiariya is a natural center of a rich agricultural area. It is a naval station due to its convenient port. In the II – IV century Ratsiariya rose as the most significant center of Romanization in Northern Bulgaria. Christianity penetrated in the region of Ratsiariya as early as the end of the 3rd century. It was burned by the Avars in 586. The first serious archaeological excavations of the city were conducted in 1952 and 1958-59. During the period 1976-1990, Bulgarian-Italian team conducts regular archeological excavations. The initial stage of the archeological research of Ratsiariya proves its great importance as the richest urban center in the lower Danube basin.

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