Practical information for tourists – COVID-19

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(Updated on April 14, 2022)

Messages from the Ministry of Tourism:

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Wearing a mask is not mandatory in open public places.

All persons, are obliged to wear a protective face mask for single or multiple use  in public settings such as public transport, pharmacies and medical establishments. The measures for disinfection and observance of physical distance are preserved.

All operating establishments can now receive visitors in compliance with the Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Tourism for the operation of accommodation establishments and food and entertainment establishments in the conditions of danger of COVID-19 infection in Bulgaria. The accommodation establishments are ready for normal functioning of and have taken the necessary anti-epidemic measures of the Ministry of Health to operate in the conditions of COVID-19.
An individual plan for its operation is required for each establishment in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the national and regional public health authorities to limit the Coronavirus infection.
All accommodation establishments operate in strict compliance with the requirements, which include specific measures to protect the health of tourists with high hygiene.

Yes, public transport operates normally, with no limit on the capacity of vehicles and/or trains, but it is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment.

The use of masks is mandatory when traveling by taxi, bus, train and other public transport.

There are no restrictions on travel within the country. The rules for social distancing and the use of a protective mask should be observed where indicated. Wearing protective masks is mandatory in closed public areas.

Yes. Restaurants and bars are open (indoor and outdoor areas), following several rules of hygiene and social distance. The tables are placed in such a way as to create a safe distance (1.5 m) between the customers. Personal protective equipment (masks, safety helmets and gloves) is mandatory for staff only.

Yes, tourist attractions such as cultural monuments, museums, zoos, aquariums and other tourist attractions are open to visitors as the rules of social distance should be observed and protective masks should be worn.

Yes, depending on the size of the space, different places, such as libraries, shops and supermarkets, allow only a small number of people to enter each time. In pharmacies, healthcare facilities and public transport protective masks should be worn.

The declared measures may be updated according to the development and the spread of COVID-19.

Concerts and cultural events should be held in open and/or indoor areas with reduced capacity to ensure a safe distance between spectators. The use of protective masks and disinfectants is recommended.

Parks are open; individual outdoor sports as well as swimming in the sea are allowed. It is recommended that people keep the distance and follow the safety rules. The distance between the umbrellas is a distance of required 2 m.

The use of balneological (medical SPA), SPA and wellness centers, as well as visits to swimming pools, including pools with mineral water, is allowed, but in strict compliance with hygiene requirements and distance between visitors.

When using fitness centers, physical distance between people doing sports should be guaranteed.

Shopping centers and retail establishments are open. It is recommended that visitors keep the distance and follow the safety rules.

Users and staff are advised to use protective masks and disinfectants.

When using elevators, in case there is no other alternative, the elevator is used with reduced capacity. Customers should keep a distance of 1.5 m between them.

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Сигнали за нередности по Закона за туризма и при въпроси за туристически пътувания във връзка с COVID-19

02/ 904 68 95; 02/904 68 11; 0885 096 937

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