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Bulgaria is the undiscovered gem in the European crown of camping destinations. The rich culture, interesting history and unspoiled nature attract more foreign camping enthusiasts each year. Bulgaria has become a popular destination for those who are interested in the new and the unique. You will discover many beautiful places and majestic spots whether you travel by motorhome, caravan or tent. We have compiled this Camping Guide to help you plan your trip through the beautiful Bulgarian lands. The Guide divides the country into seven regions with seven camping routes. Each route highlights the campsites and the attractions to see along the route. Each route has its own theme which highlights the geographical, historical, natural, and cultural diversity of the region so that you will feel the real Bulgarian spirit during your camping holiday. The centre pages of this Guide show a map of Bulgaria with the seven routes clearly marked.

Northwestern Bulgaria
The north western route covers the area from Vidin (Danube Bridge to Romania) to the capital city Sofia. The route passes through the world famous for its bizarre rock forms town of Belogradchik and continues to the beautiful Iskar Gorge, which cuts through the Balkan Mountains and hides many caves, rock formations, waterfalls, eco trails and monasteries.

The Danube river valley between the cities of Vidin and Ruse is still an undiscovered tourist route. In addition to beautiful views of the second largest river in Europe, you can visit many landmarks from ancient times to the present day: ancient cities, fortresses, nature parks, rock churches, caves, etc. Be sure to try fresh Danube fish, the local speciality.

North Central Bulgaria
The region between the cities Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo has plenty of cultural and historical landmarks from ancient times to the most recent history. Architectural reserves, ancient Roman cities and medieval fortresses, monasteries, nature parks, caves, waterfalls, etc. Each stop along the route promises a breathtaking experience.

South Balkan Area
This is the route of history and flavours. Mountains, valleys, forests and thermal springs were the lands of Thracian Kings and revolutionaries. The mild climate is perfect for the aromas of roses and wines. This is a vast valley between the Stara Planina mountains and Sredna Gora mountains. On your journey taste the food and drink with the aromas of rose and lavender.

Mount Orpheus captivates with its rich history, captivating music, delicious food, mineral waters, cultural diversity, endless forests. Also, the cultural capital of Bulgaria – ancient Plovdiv is the city with many faces that will not let you get bored.

Southwestern Bulgaria
Southwestern Bulgaria, which stretches along the Struma River and the highway to Greece is rich in historical and natural landmarks, mineral water springs, wineries and traditional taverns. Here are the highest mountains of Bulgaria with incredible panoramic views. Don’t miss the delicious wines from the traditional Melnik grapes.

Black Sea Coast
The enchanting route will take you to the north where you will find infinitely long beaches, extensive forests, rocky shores with caves, rock monasteries, and to the south – bays with golden sands, ancient cities, healing sanctuaries and the mystical Strandzha Nature Park.



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