Elenite is a vacation complex, situated at the seashore, on the southern slope of the easternmost Balkan Mountain. The resort is located in a beautiful bay near Cape Emine, 4.5 kilometers from Sveti Vlas and 8.5 kilometers from Sunny Beach. The international airport of Burgas is only 40 km away from Elenite.
The complex is designed so that its exposition is entirely southern. It consists of villas and hotels situated among the fresh greenery of the Balkan mountain and it offers its guests peace and luxury, combined with beautiful nature and fresh air.
The resort offers a variety of outdoor sports – surfing, yachting, canoeing, beach volleyball, water polo, etc.
The accommodation, offered in the Elenite resort includes various options, as well as All Inclusive one. The complex has several restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
Animators take care of the well being of your children by a variety of events and shows. The complex offers medical attention, kindergarten, exchange bureaus and an internet club.

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