Against the Stream

“Against the Stream” is a fashion show that will be held on 09.09.2023 in Vidin. The event is applying for the Guinness Book of Records for the longest river revue. The length of the show is expected to be over 1.5 meters with the participation of over 100 models. The author of the idea is Vyara Borislavova, a fashion designer. The screenwriter and director is Prof. Dr. Alexander Iliev.

Some of the clothes from the fashion show will be displayed on 10 September2023, to be sold at a charity auction. The collected money will used to create a space in the city of Vidin where beginners in the craft can use the equipment with sewing machines, and everything necessary can be used by them. Tha will support them in their first steps in the world of fashion.

The mission of the event is to become an annual festival supporting young designers, allowing them to present their new collections on the fashion show.

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