The Brava Balkan Fest

The music festival The Brava Balkan Fest returns on September 1st and 2nd with its eighth consecutive edition, and according to the organizers, it will seriously surprise music lovers. This year’s event is addressed to the fans of healthy rock and metal, which is well known to everyone. The name of the fest will be supplemented by the explanation Tribute mode, since the bands that will take the stage are official tribute bands of the original ones.

Guests of The Brava Balkan Fest will be able to enjoy the performances of Basket Case/Green Day, Reckless Roses/Guns’N’Roses, ZZ Copy/ZZ Top, The Unforgivens Metallica/Metallica. The performers are from Hungary and Italy, and they are for the first time in front of a Bulgarian audience.

Traditionally, the stage of The Brava Balkan Fest gives the opportunity for young and promising Bulgarian bands to perform. This year will be no different and two Bulgarian bands will open the festival evenings.

Those of you who have visited the festival know about the possibilities that the location offers. For the rest, we will repeat that the camping area is free, and the proximity of the event to Blagoevgrad, only 4 kilometers away, gives advantages for a comfortable overnight stay in the local hotels, and why not for a memorable after-party.

The adventurous can arrive on motorbikes and stay under the open sky on warm September nights showered with bright stars.

The Brava Balkan Fest takes place at FREE ADMISSION!

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