Night of Museums and Galleries

The international day of museums has been celebrated every year on 18 May from 1978 to the present day by the decision of the International Council of Museums. The purpose of the event is to remind people how important museums are for the society development and to attract young people’s attention to culture and art.
The initiative to conduct the Night of Museums and Galleries came from France in 2005 under the auspices of the General Secretary of the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Bulgaria participated in the international initiative as well. Over 60 museums and galleries were open in the evening on 14 May 2011. The number of cultural institutions involved in the Night of Museums increases each year. The event is extremely interesting and attracts many visitors with its variety of programs, demonstrations, reenactments, theater, ballet performances, and concerts.
Among the institutions, participating in the event, are the National History Museum, The National Archaeology Museum, The National Art Gallery, the Gallery of Foreign Arts in Sofia, the National Anthropology Museum, the Museum of Aviation near Plovdiv, the Regional History Museums in Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik and many other galleries and museums all over the country.
In Plovdiv, the Night of Museums and Galleries is held in September, together with the Autumn Saloon of Arts. The Night of Museums and Galleries is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

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