Ognyanovski Mineralni Bani

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Ognyanovski Mineralni Bani is a balneology resort, located in the Western Rhodope near the village of Ognyanovo (1 km south of Garmen Municipality), 10 km from the town of Gotse Delchev. It has attracted people since antiquity. This is proven by the remains of an ancient Roman fortress. Exceptionally precious historical monuments are the ruins of the Roman town of Nikopolis ad Nestum (4th century AD), located at a distance of only 15 minutes ride from Ognyanovski Mineralni Bani. Another precious cultural and historical landmark is the museum village of Kovachevitsa. It preserves the specific Rhodopean architecture from the age of Bulgarian Revival.
The Ognyanovski Mineralni Bani is a resort with specific a micro-climate, related to the blooming of natural acacia plants and the local air currents along the valley of Kanina river. It offers 24 thermo-mineral springs with water temperature of 39-40º C. The resort has 2 basic deposits: by-river deposit with 2 localizations in the region of the so-called Town Baths (1.5 km north of the village of Ognyanovo) and around the prophylaxis center “Ognyanovo” – 17 springs, the hottest of which are with temperature of 42.5º C and 42º C.
In Krayselsko, located 600 meters north of the village of Ognyanovo in the region of the so-called Village Baths, there are 7 springs with a water temperature of 16-40º C. The waters are pure, colorless, bacteriologically clean. They are exceptionally suitable for external and drinking balneological treatment of diseases of the locomotory system, the endocrine, respiratory and digestive system, metabolism, nervous, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases.

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