Starozagorski Mineralni Bani

The Starozagorski Mineralni Bani is a balneology resort, which is located 15 km northwest of the town of Stara Zagora.
The resort offers excellent conditions for relaxation, treatment, and entertainment. The complex offers a balneology sanatorium, mineral water pools, hotels, holiday stations and villas.
The hot mineral water is suitable for SPA procedures, and balneology treatment. It is successfully used for the treatment of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system, kidney and urological diseases, gastrointestinal, gynecological and other diseases.
Here visitors can see remains of Thracian and Roman times, as well as bath premises, pools made of transparent marble, etc.
The admirers of mountain tourism will be pleasantly surprised by the multiple ecological paths and marked routes in the picturesque Sarnena Sredna Gora.

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