Sites Under the Aegis of UNESCO

Bulgaria is a successor of ancient civilizations – Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and proto-Bulgarians have left on these lands exceptionally valuable artistic and architectural evidence of their advanced culture. They are scattered throughout the country and make it one of the most attractive destinations for people, interested in history and culture.

Besides these treasures, Bulgaria is proud of its pristine nature and amazing biodiversity which is preserved in the parks and reserves of the country.

The rich cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria is highly appreciated by UNESCO -the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The UNESCO List of the Global Cultural and Natural Heritage includes sites, which are of great importance to humanity, therefore their conservation and preservation is a priority. This list includes ten Bulgarian sites – seven cultural and three natural.

Cultural Heritage

Natural values

Multinational site

Intangible cultural heritage

The Bistritsa Grannies

Nestinarstvo- a message from the past: the Fair of St. St. Constantine and Helena in the village of Bulgari

The tradition of carpet weaving in Chiprovtsi


Multinational application

Baba Marta

Register of good practices for preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind

Bulgarian Chitalishte

National Festival of Bulgarian Folk Art in Koprivshtitsa: a system of practices for presentation and transmission of cultural heritage