International Festival “Love is Folly”

The International Film Festival “Love is Folly” was established in 1993. It has been conducted every year for seven years. It begins on the last Friday of August. The Varna Festival and Congress Center is its organizer.
For years, The International Film Festival “Love is Folly” was the only international film festival conducted in Bulgaria, and later it was the only one featuring a film contest. Nowadays, it is the doyenne of the international film festivals in Bulgaria, one of the business cards of Bulgarian culture in a global scale.
Every year between 50 and 60 feature film titles enter the festival program, which includes a contest, film views of pieces awarded at the most prestigious world festivals, the hottest upcoming hits, individual authors, schools, currents and national cinematographers, retrospectives of the Bulgarian cinema. More than 200 guests join every year. They include the elite of Bulgarian cinema and renowned foreign authors, cinema critics, and cinema journalists.
Famous film figures such as Jean Roy (head of the critics week of the International Film Festival in Kan), Elem Klimov (Russian director – Go and See Agony), Andre Kuiterik (Head of the International Love Film Festival in Mons), Bulgarian actors such as Nevena Kokanova (1938 – 2000), Vasil Mihaylov (born 1938), Doroteya Toncheva (born 1946), the directors Angel Valchanov (born 1928), Georgi Dyulgerov (born 1943), Ivan Nichev (born 1940), etc. have been among the heads of the jury during the years. World-famous authors, among which are Krzysztof Zanussi, Jiří Menzel, Jean-Loup Hubert, Jacques Doillon, Hiner Saleem, Georgi Danelia, Margarita Terehova, Sergey Shokurov, etc., have been among the festival guests.
The events are conducted in the halls of the Festival and Congress Center – Hall No 1 (1000 seats), Europe Hall (250 seats), Press Center hall (120 seats), Cafe Theater Hall (100 seats).
Tickets for the projections can be purchased from the ticket selling center of the Varna Festival and Congress Center.

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