International Theater Festival “Varna Summer”

The International Theater Festival “Varna Summer” is the largest in scale international theater event in Bulgaria. It is conducted every year between 1 and 12 June in Varna within the framework of the art festivals Varna Summer. Its basic goal is to present the basic trends in the Bulgarian and the international stage practice and to create new space for the multicultural dialogue, exchange, and market.
The theater festival was established in 1992 as a part of the movement for renovation and meeting of the cultures of the West European countries and the world, created in 1989.
During the first years of its existence, Varna Summer followed the traditions and the trends in the Bulgarian Theater Practice.
In 1997 the festival changed its policy and turned into an international forum. The building of a new program scheme, consisting of 3 modules was started: selected Bulgarian performances, selected foreign performances and a parallel program of multiple diverse events. The festival uses this scheme to the present day, by developing it and enriching it.
Selected Bulgarian Performances keep in focus the theater developments on the Bulgarian scene and present significant and innovative achievements during the current season. The international program presents leading authors and the trends in various types of theater. It is open for various partnering initiatives, discussions, workshops, theoretical conferences, lectures, book presentations, exhibitions and concerts. The festival organizer is the foundation International Theater Festival “Varna Summer” with co-organizers – the Bulgarian Theater Association, Municipality of Varna, and the Ministry of Culture. Its hosts are the Theater and Music Production Center – Varna, the State Puppet Theater – Varna, the City Gallery of Fine Arts, the Festival and Congress Center, the Archaeological Museum – Varna, etc.

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