Lozenets is one of the fastest developing settlements on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The geographic preconditions, mountain and the sea play an important role in the development of the region. Lozenets is a typical fishermen village, providing fresh fish and fish specialties for the local restaurants. The proximity of Strandzha mountain makes it even more enchanting and unique place for relaxation. You don’t need to choose whether to go to the mountain or to the sea, you can just visit Lozenets. The settlement is small, coquette and cozy. Predominating are the two-storey and the three-storey houses and villas, turned into comfortable small hotels and providing accommodation for the relaxing people. It is covered in a lot of greenery. It combines mountain and sea climate. The average summer temperatures vary between 22-25 degrees in June and September and between 26-31 degrees in July and August. Measurements state that the seawater in the resort village is the cleanest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and the presence of microelements, such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine, etc. are accessed highly by specialists from the whole world.

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