Narechenski Bani (Narechen Baths)

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The resort is located in the central medium part of Southern Bulgaria, about 40 km south of Plovdiv and 38 km to the north of the international mountain resort of Pamporovo. It is situated in a small gorge along the valley of Asenitsa river, amidst the slopes of the Middle Rhodope mountain, richly planted with broad-leaved and coniferous forests, on an altitude of 620 – 660 meters. The Narechen Baths have a preliminarily good general influence upon organism (without conditions for unfavorable warming and cooling). They also determine the resort as a climatic one, especially suitable for diseases, that are sensitive to overheating of organism. Narechenski Bani is one of the most famous balneological and climatic resorts for treatment and prophylaxis of the functional disorders of the nervous system, functional disorders of stomach and colon, functional disorders in the sexual area based on psychological and neurological grounds. Very successful effect can be achieved with cardiovascular diseases – a hypertonic disease in the first and second stage, hypotonic disease. Besides the options for pleasant entertainment in the resort, in its area, tourists can visit interesting historical and natural landmarks, conduct all day-long trips to the resort of Pamporovo, the famous Bachkovo Monastery (at a distance of about 15 km from the resort, to the highest (1,645 m altitude) monastery in the country (St. Peter and St. Paul in the resort of Byala Cherkva, at a distance of 29 km from Narechenski Bani), to the city of Plovdiv and the town of Asenovgrad, and to the picturesque Rhodope town of Chepelare. The rare tropic flower Haberlea Rhodopensis (Rhodopean Rose) can be seen in the deep river valley of the river Asenitsa. This flower can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

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