At the mouth of the Rezovska river, which passes along our state border with the Republic of Turkey, at a distance of about 10 km from Sinemorets, lies the southernmost point of our country – the village of Rezovo.
Rezovo is a resort settlement, different from all of the rest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. What makes it unique is the limited construction and the presence of nature. Rezovo, for now, remains one of the few places, together with Durankulak, where you can relax far from the noise of the large resorts. The evenings are quiet and relaxed, without crowds of people along the streets. If this is your preferred way of spending your vacation, then Rezovo is your place. For all of the others, Rezovo is a tourist attraction, and during the day it is visited by many people who come to see the southernmost point to which Bulgaria spreads.

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