Rhodope – the Mountain of Orpheus

Plovdiv – Chepelare – Smolyan – Pamporovo – Plovdiv

The route can be completed within 2 days. It is intended for an automobile or bus transport. Accommodation can be performed in the town of Chepelare, the town of Smolyan or in Pamporovo. In Chepelare there is an option for visiting the Museum of Speleology and Bulgarian Karst. The following sites can be visited in Smolyan within one day: – the Planetarium, the Regional History Museum of Smolyan or the Archaeological Complex of Old Houses in Raykovo residential section. The following sites can be visited within one day from Pamporovo, Smolyan or Chepelare: the Architectural Reserve – village of Shiroka Laka, the Late Antiquity Necropolis, the village of Beden, Devin, Haramiyska Cave, the Trigrad Gorge, the Yagodinska Cave, the Uhluvitsa Cave, the village of Smilyan, Momchil’s Fortress, village of Momchilovtsi, the Rhozhen Observatory, the Areal Ethnographic Complex – town of Zlatograd, the Smolyan Lakes.

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