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Rudozem is located in the southeast part of the Western Rhodope Mountain. To the northwest, it borders with the municipality of Smolyan, and to the east – with the municipalities of Madan and Zlatograd, to the south – with the Republic of Greece. The town of Rudozem is located at a distance of 280 km from Sofia, 130 km from Plovdiv and 23 km from Smolyan. Rudozem stands at a distance of only 60 km from the Aegean Sea, and the forthcoming opening of the Border Control Point “Elidzhe” and the road Rudozem – Ksanti will provide the guests of the municipality with the unique opportunity to combine mountain with sea tourism. The municipality is located along the valleys of the rivers Arda, Chepinska and Elhovska on an area of 191.3 square meters; the population of the municipality is 10,577 people. Within the borders of the municipality are included 23 populated places – 1 town, 13 villages and 19 neighborhoods. The administrative center is the town of Rudozem.
Roads are constructed to all settlements, as the road network is mostly fourth grade. The average altitude is 700-800 m. Predominant are the low mountain and hilly terrains, and the lowland slopes have significant inclinations. The climate is temperate continental. The average annual temperature is 9.4 С. The average summer temperature (in July) is 19.4 С, and the average winter temperature (in January) is 1.6 С.
The wonderful nature of the municipality of Rudozem is a combination of overflowing dark green hills, wild and untouched pieces of land, beautiful panoramic views, crystal clean air and incredible diversity of plants and animals. Multiple plant and animal species have been preserved in the recently unreachable forests beyond the border control point and the former minefields.

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