The Kremen Lakes

The Kremen Lakes are located in the Kremen cirque (circus), in the Pirin Mountains. The lakes are part of the Pirin National Park, established in 1962. Since 1983, the park has been included among the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage sites.
The largest of the Kremen lakes is Lower Kremen Lake, which has an overall surface of 98 hectares, a length of 500 meters, and a width of 275 meters. The lake has an elongated shape and a depth of 27 meters, which makes it the third deepest lake in the Pirin Range, after Lakes Popovo and Tevno. The Upper Kremen Lake is 13.6 meters deep and covers an area of 66.1 hectares. The other three of these five lakes are smaller. All five lakes empty into the Retizhe River.
To reach these lakes, take the trail that begins at the Bezbog Shelter. The best view of the lakes is from Orlovets Peak (2,685 meters high).

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