National Exhibition of Popular and Artistic Crafts – village of Oreshak

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The National Exhibition of Popular and Artistic Craft is located in the village of Oreshak, at a distance of 7 km from the town of Troyan, and only 1 km from the Troyan Monastery.
This is the only exhibition in the country, which has gathered all the works of Bulgarian artists of all ethnographic regions in Bulgaria in one place.
The exposition includes ten exhibition halls on an area of 4,200 square meters. The exhibition presents unique fretworks, traditional Bulgarian handmade rugs, straw-mats, articles made of ceramics, copper vessels, knitting works, and embroidery works.
Except for the live demonstrations of various crafts, such as pottery and wood-carving, visitors themselves can get involved in the making of some articles with their own hands. Various articles and souvenirs are sold here.
Every year, on 15 August, when the temple celebration of the Troyan monastery is, the four-day Crafts Fair takes place. The Easter Fair is also conducted here during the Easter holidays. During the fair craftsmen present their works in the yard of the exhibition area.
One of the most renowned events in the region is the Festival of Plum and Troyan Plum Rakiya (Brandy). It is conducted on the last Saturday of September. Contests are also conducted during the festival period – for the best home-made rakiya and the best snack.

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