The Pantheon – city of Varna

The Monument of the Strugglers Against Fascism and Capitalism from the City of Varna and the Region within the period 1923-1944, also known as the Pantheon, is situated in the Sea Garden of Varna, in close proximity to the Palace of Culture and Sports.
The history of this monument began when in 1945 a Common Grave in which the bones of the killed strugglers against fascism and capitalism were constructed on the Turna Tepe hill in the north part of Varna. Ten years later, a decision was made to move to a new place in the Catholic cemetery and the monument of the French warriors who had died from cholera during the Krim War, which was situated on the present place of the Pantheon. And then, it was decided to move the bones from the Common Grave into a new monument.
The Pantheon was established on 6 November 1959, in honor of the 42nd anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia from 1917.
The main figures of the monument, made in about seven months above the reliefs, depict two warriors, one of which is wounded, and the other continues the battle in glory. Below them, various scenes are presented on seven stone reliefs on the very ossuary.
In 1995, the bones of the deceased were taken out and given to their relatives in order to be buried.
The Pantheon was declared a historical monument in Issue 43 of the State Gazette of 1971.

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