Slanchev Den (Sunny Day) Resort

Slanchev Den (Sunny Day) Resort is a Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea coast, 10 km north of Varna and in the immediate vicinity of Bulgaria’s oldest resort, the vacation complex “Saints Constantine and Elena.” The Sunny Day Resort is 16 km from the Varna International Airport.
The climate in the region of Slanchev Den is very favorable for seaside vacations, with an average July air temperature between 23 and 28 degrees centigrade and water temperatures between 24 and 25 degrees centigrade.
The complex has four modern hotels with a combined capacity of 1,300 beds, offering excellent conditions for guests. Hotels offer all-inclusive packages.
The resort boasts a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities – swimming pools, tennis courts, table tennis, snorkeling and sea scuba diving, and so forth.
Slanchev Den has two spa centers offering a wide range of procedures. The temperature of the thermal springs that feed the complex is 45 degrees centigrade, and the composition of the springs is perfectly suited for relaxing mineral baths.
The Sunny Day yacht dock to the north of the complex can accommodate 17 yachts. The resort is also a popular destination for business meetings, since its hotels are equipped with all the necessary facilities and equipment.

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