Leshten is located in the western Rhodope mountain, 8 kilometers from Garmen and about 15 kilometers from Gotse Delchev. Another two popular destinations for country tourism lie near – the architectural reservation of Kovachevitsa and Dolen. The panoramic view of Pirin mountain from Leshten is beautiful.
The village attracts tourists with its authentic look and the old houses, preserved since the Bulgarian Revival (18th – 19th century). About 15 houses of the village that evoke the spirit and atmosphere of the past were reconstructed. Many of them offer accommodation. The hospitable hosts will feed you with the most delicious local dishes prepared from organic products.
The tour along the narrow cobblestone streets of the village is extremely pleasant for tourists. Near Leshten lies the village of Kovachevitsa, which was also declared a reservation for the architecture of its houses. Dolen, Ribnovo and the balneological resort of Ognyanovo lies nearby as well.
Leshten offers different attractions and activities – mountain hiking, fishing, day trips to nearby landmarks, herb and mushroom gathering.

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