Architectural Reservation – village of Dolen

The village of Dolen is located in the western Rhodope mountains, about 26 kilometers from Gotse Delchev and 128 kilometers from the town of Blagoevgrad. Dolen is an alpine village and lies at 1020 m altitude.
The village of Dolen was founded in the 16th century by Bulgarians seeking refuge from forced conversion to Islam. During the Bulgarian Revival (18th -19th centuries) the village flourished; the local people were engaged in tobacco cultivation and livestock breeding, goldsmith and freight.
For its preserved houses from the period of national Revival, in 1977 by Issue 73 of the State Gazette, the village was declared a historical and architectural reservation. The reservation covers 70 buildings – monuments of culture. Typical for the houses in Dolen are the extensive upstairs and the ceilings decorated with fretwork in some of the houses. Among the landmarks of the village is the church “St. Nikolas”, built in 1834. The church impresses visitors with its iconostases and icons. It also has a monastery school.
The narrow cobblestone streets are extremely attractive and have kept their appearance for two centuries. Other interesting landmarks are the crossroads Kavalite, Nikolovskata Cheshma (Nikolovska Fountain) and Charshiyska Ulitsa (Charshiyska Street).
Dolen is a preferred tourist destination for those, who seek peace and contact with nature. Accommodation in authentic old houses is offered in the village.

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