The village of Ribaritsa is situated in the Teteven mountain, on 600 m altitude, in the foot of Vezhen peak (2198 m). The village is situated at a distance of 12 km from Teteven, and 124 km north-east from Sofia. Ribaritsa is situated in the extent of about 12 km. To cross it from one end to the other, you need a vehicle.
In 1963 Ribaritsa was declared a mountainous health resort. The beautiful nature, the clean air and at the same time the proximity to larger localities is the reason the village has turned into a preferred place for rest since the beginning of the 20th century.
Ribaritsa is a starting point for a few walking routes. A route begins from the village center, leading to the locality of Kostina. There is also the place where the revolutionary Georgi Benkovski (1843 – 1876) died. As a sign of appreciation, in 1908 a monument was placed on the historical site.
Another route leads to the Tsarichina reservation. The ecological path starts from the locality of Neftohima and is about 6 km long. The crossing continues for about 5 hours. The route passes along the reservation borders, then it continues to the left and after a short period of climbing of about 45 minutes, one can reach the locality of Sloncheto. The ecological path continues to the rocky locality of Merudievi Zabi, where a rest area is constructed. After a new crossing of about one hour, one reaches the highest point of the route – the Golyama Shalya peak, where a panoramic view to Tsarichina and the ridge of the Balkan Mountain opens. The route is suitable for the spring, summer and autumn period, but it is not advisable to cross it during the winter months.
Bicycles and alpine bikes can be hired in Ribaritsa, as well as ATVs, and professional guides for walking tours. The mountain is suitable for picnics, and there are options for entertainment fishing, etc.
There are multiple accommodation options in Ribaritsa – in terms of category and prices. Many hotels, villas, family hotels, holiday houses, etc. function in the village. The catering establishments are also diverse and offer local and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Tourists can find further information on the tourism possibilities in Ribaritsa and the region in the Municipal Tourism Office in Teteven.

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