Beef stew


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Hot beef stew is a real elixir in the cold months. Dense, fragrant, with a strong and dense broth and plenty of vegetables, it will get you on your feet on days when you feel that your strength is running out.

This is a traditional recipe for the Bulgarian national cuisine. Bееf stew is easy to prepare, but takes a little longer. In today’s fast-paced everyday life, you can save it by using a pressure cooker to cook the meat. To get a really strong and nutritious broth, use meat with bone, preferably shank. Leave the bones in the soup literally until the last moment to release their useful substances to the maximum. You will know that this is the case if the soup is gelled after cooling.

When cooking beef stew, do not buy young beef, because it will not give you the necessary density and saturation of the broth. The soup should be dark in color.

Beef is a good source of B vitamins (vital for brain function) and iron. The proteins contained in it support the muscles, and zinc supports the immune system. It is often recommended for people with anemia. In combination with potatoes, onions, carrots and celery, it becomes a divine soup. A few slices of toast and a glass of red wine make it a really cozy winter dinner.


  • beef can  1 kg.  or knuckle – 600 г
  • 2 heads onion
  • 3 carrots
  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 slice fresh celery about 80 g
  • ½ spring parsley
  • 8 black pepper grains black pepper
  • salt at taste


  1. To save time when cooking boiled beef, put the meat in a pressure cooker and fill it with cold water. Cut onions and celery and add them to the sauce Sprinkle with salt, add the black black pepper grains and cook for about an hour. The time is detected from the moment the lid is closed.
  2. Release the steam and put the chopped carrots and potatoes in the soup. Close the pot again and cook until the potatoes and carrots are soft.
  3. Serve the boiled beef sprinkled with chopped parsley. Goes great with toast.

Caution: Contains fresh celery, which can cause allergic reactions.