Stara Planina Tourist Region

Compared to the geographical characteristics the boundaries of the Stara Planina Tourism Region include the Chiprovtsi, Berkovitsa, part of the Zlatitsa-Teteven and Troyan mountains, which exceed 2,000 m in height. The peaks with this height, which fall within the region, are located Zlatishko-Teteven mountain, Troyan, Chiprovtsi, Berkovitsa.

Stara Planina tourist region encompass the territory of 32 municipalities – Antonovo, Apriltsi, Berkovitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Varbitsa, Varshets, Gabrovo, Georgi Damyanovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Dryanovo, Elena, Zlataritsa, Kotel, Krivodol, Lovech, Lukovit, Lyaskovets, Mezdra, Montana, Omurtag, Roman, Sevlievo, Strazhitsa, Sungurlare, Teteven, Troyan, Tryavna, Ugarchin, Chiprovtsi, Chuprene, Yablanitsa.

Natural resources show that recreational tourism has the highest potential in the region. Places for rural tourism are complemented by the possibilities for hiking and recreational tourism. Stara Planina offers conditions for practicing different types of holiday tourism – hiking (winter and summer); on the ridges – mountain biking, ski tourism, mountain climbing.


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