Trakia Tourist Region

The center of Thracian Tourist Region is in Plovdiv and includes areas of  Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Sliven and Yambol region.

The region includes 35 municipalities: Bratya Daskalovi, Brezovo, Galabovo, Dimitrovgrad, Elhovo, Kaloyanovo, Krichim, Lesichovo, Lyubimets, Maritsa, Mineralni Bani, Nova Zagora, Opan, Pazardzhik, Perushtitsa, Peshtera, Plovdiv, Parvomay, Radnevo, Rakovski , Svilengrad, Septemvri, Simeonovgrad, Stamboliyski, Stambolovo, Stara Zagora, Straldzha, Saedinenie, Topolovgrad, Tundzha, Harmanli, Haskovo, Chirpan and Yambol.

The leading types of tourism in the Thracian Tourist Region are cultural (all types) and wine tourism. In the Region is also included: Business Tourism (MICE), Urban Leisure and Shopping Tourism, Health Tourism, Adventure and Ecotourism. The subspecies are: Cultural-Historical, Event, Ecological, Cycling, Mountain, Health, Rural, Agricultural, Hunting and Fishing, Sports, Adventure, Pilgrimage, Festival, etc.

The variety of identified attractions is great. The most numerous are the religious sites (monasteries, churches, chapels and bell towers) – 22%. Archaeological sites, Thracian tombs, sanctuaries, mounds represent 21% of all sites in the area. 51% of the sites are of regional importance, 24% of national importance.


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